How to Use Your ATS/CRM to Gain New Business in a Recession

How to Use Your ATS/CRM to Gain New Business in a Recession

How to Use Your ATS/CRM to Gain New Business in a Recession. It is safe to say that we are in a downturn? A few specialists state we are now in a downturn, some state one is coming, and others anticipate our monetary future will be something we haven’t seen since the Great Depression. While these situations are agitating, there is consistently a chance to increase new business and flourish, in any event, when challenges are out of hand.

Your business procedure will doubtlessly need to change in a downturn, yet the means you take currently can help set you up to end up as the winner when the entirety of this is finished. It’s never past the point where it is possible to plan for what’s to come or, for this issue, what is as of nowhere.

Before we jump into how you can utilize your ATS/CRM to discover new business, first we need to recognize a couple of key parts. The first is recognizing which ventures are flourishing and are sought after. Second, recognize the enterprises where you have the methods and generally potential to work with. There might be enterprises you haven’t investigated previously, there might be ventures you’ve worked with before, and there might be new business open doors in a portion of the businesses you as of now work with.

To assist you with a beginning, here is a rundown of a portion of the ventures popular:


Clinical Staff

Clinical Device



Conveyance Services


Paper Products

Antibacterial/Cleaning Products


Online Education and Remote Learning

Ways of life of Health and Sustainability/Wellness



Broadcast communications/Cable

As you see this rundown, do you conceivably observe new chances?

Looking through Your ATS/CRM for New Business

When you have the rundown of ventures you need to focus on, it’s an ideal opportunity to utilize the inquiry abilities in your ATS/CRM to discover your explicit chances.

Search by Client Industry Code, Status, and Location

The first and most fundamental hunt you will need to perform is by customer industry code, status, and area (in the event that you are hoping to staff in a particular zone.) The business codes will be the codes of your arrangement in the product subsidiary with every industry. Status is significant, in light of the fact that it will decide whether you are looking for organizations that you are ‘effectively’ working with or ‘idly’ working with.

How to Use Your ATS/CRM to Gain New Business in a Recession

You can perform the two hunts. Check whether there are organizations you as of now work with that you can connect with. At that point play out a similar hunt with ‘latent’ customers. These could be customers whose business you lost or never had the chance to work with. For area, possibly you need to attempt to help staff for organizations close to you. It very well may be an approach to initially limit your pursuit to nearby organizations. Investigate these various inquiries and check whether there are any expected changes.

In the event that your product has the capacity for a “full content inquiry”, this is another extraordinary hunt alternative. A “full content hunt” is a propelled look highlight that scans for key terms in every customer profile. In this way, on the off chance that you need to look for “clinical”, it will look through all customers that have “clinical” someplace in their profile, regardless of whether that is in an email, an instant message, a note, a remark, and so forth.

Search by Date Last Contacted

You can likewise look by Date you last reached a customer. This hunt can be utilized related to the above pursuit models. Looking by Date is helpful in the event that you need to recognize customers you have been in contact with over the most recent a half year.

You can likewise scan for customers outside of this time extend, on the off chance that you need to discover customers you haven’t been in contact with for some time. This hunt can particularly be convenient in the event that you need to discover ‘idle’ customers you haven’t connected with as of late. Possibly the last time you connected they didn’t have staffing needs, however, now they do.

Search by Job Orders

You can likewise look by Job Order dependent on explicit ventures you have served before. This will permit you to recognize openings that you had in the past that fit the sought after circumstances you are searching for now. There might be customers on the rundown that you haven’t been in contact with for some time. Connect with them and check whether they have employments they have to fill.

Search by Candidates Employment History

Another remarkable hunt is by Candidate Employment History. You can play out an applicant search and target explicit businesses up-and-comers have worked in, before. By doing this, you can distinguish new customers you probably won’t have in your database.

You can begin by playing out the pursuit of up-and-comers you have included in the most recent few years. This will give you a sensible rundown to work through. As you experience customers that fit the businesses you are hoping to plunge into, check whether they are in your database, if not include them and call them! A “full content hunt” can likewise prove to be useful here to look through a competitor’s profile and resume for catchphrases.

Make Favorites Lists

As you discover customers, you need to add them to a top picks list. Some product arrangements have the capacity to add to a top choices list directly in the product. On the off chance that you don’t have these abilities, you will at present need to make a top picks list in a different spreadsheet. As you are scanning for customers, add them immediately to the list of your top choices so you don’t forget about them. As a best practice, make a rundown for every industry you are hoping to target so your rundowns are composed when it comes time to call.

The Special Offer

You have the records of your top choices, you have the ventures you need to target, presently you need to choose what you are going to offer these customers. Consider your advertising plan, what impetus would you be able to give the customer to cooperate? Contingent upon the business, you may need to think of various bundles that boost your association. What will lure a customer to work with you as opposed to your opposition? Maybe you can offer extraordinary membership alternatives, fixed rates, free preparing or some likeness thereof, and so forth.

Partition and Conquer

Since you have you’re focused on records and promoting plans per industry, it’s an ideal opportunity to call! First, you should choose if you will call the entirety of the customers or on the off chance that you will split it among your colleagues. In the event that your product has the ability to add customers straightforwardly to a day by day organizer, it is brisk and smoothed out approach to do it directly in the product. Else, you can share each rundown you made with your colleagues.

Sending Follow-Up Emails and Text Messages After Calling

After you call every customer, a best practice is to send a subsequent instant message or email, whichever is generally proper for the customer you are working with. Sending a subsequent message will emphasize the discussion that just occurred. On the off chance that you don’t have the versatile number of a possibility you are working with, you can inquire as to whether they would lean toward an email or instant message development. In the event that they favor an instant message, at that point, you can request their portable number.

To smooth out the subsequent correspondence, make text and email layouts that you can use for every customer and consistently make sure to alter it to make it individual. You can without much of a stretch do this by including the contact name and friends. Some product arrangements permit you to make formats directly in the product and through the product, it will naturally tweak the name, organization, and different fields depending on the individual you are sending the message to.

The Candidates

The customers are just one bit of the riddle. We can’t overlook we additionally need to arrange a contender to fill the open doors you are acquiring. As you start showcasing to customers, you likewise need to start scanning for up-and-comers. Utilize the hunt abilities in your ATS to look by industry, position, aptitudes, work history, area, and so forth. Furthermore, remember that significant “full content inquiry” ability in the event that you have it.

You can likewise look by “dynamic” and “inert” applicants. There might be a few competitors you aren’t working with right now, however, they are searching for employments or are available to do a switch. Scour your ATS and start making top picks records so you are set up to start calling these competitors whenever new position openings develop.

Similarly, as with customers, make sure to catch up with competitors with an instant message or email. Have your layouts all set so you can without much of a stretch send them a subsequent correspondence.

In Summary

Recall there is consistently somebody purchasing in a downturn and there are consistently enterprises blasting. You simply need to discover those enterprises and focus on the ones you have the most potential to work with. From that point, utilize the vigorous capacities of your ATS and CRM to discover those customers and competitors. You don’t generally need to scan the web for new business or applicants, now and again they are directly before you.

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